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Three Good Reasons to Join

What’s in this for me and my team?

Applications Closed!

Winners Announced May 30th

Thank you to everyone for the submissions and applications. We will be considering the applications and reaching out with any questions or next steps.

Winners will be announced on May 30th

Stay tuned for next year’s updates on the Inspire Space.

``You have all the reason in the world to achieve your grandest dreams. Imagination plus innovation equals realization.``

-Denis Waitley

Your New Peers

Mary Powell

Vision. Passion. Energy.

We are bound only by our ambition and imagination – do the work, think big ideas, take big risks. That’s when great things happen.

Josh Castonguay

Innovation. Transformation. Change. 

GMP rejects the old way of doing things, we’re lighting a new way with clean energy and new energy technology.

Mark Dincecco

Technology. Data. Systems.

Keeping people and systems tightly connected to unleash innovation from big ideas.

Kristin Carlson

Communication. Connection. Community.

Our customers are the heart of everything we do. Empowering them to live better lives with cleaner, more affordable energy.

Mary Powell with Ben & Jerry and other B-Corp leaders

This is About Doing Good

GMP is a certified BCorp dedicated to creating bright energy futures for our customers, community, state, and the world.  Our B Corp designation is a reflection of what many already know about GMP and that is we believe that doing good for Vermont and beyond is the right thing to do and ultimately a smart business choice. Vermont is the kind of place where we know our neighbors and share a common commitment to our natural environment.

Together, we can help lead the way towards a greener, more affordable energy future. And we want to invite others to be a part of it. This transformation requires a commitment to our talented employees, customers, our state and you as we all work to make the world a better place. Sharing space with new energy companies is a natural step for us as we seek to support energy entrepreneurs to grow their companies and change the world.

Building Connections

Working together is the best way to reach our brightest future.

Winners Announced May 30th